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Data Restoration

The logic breakdown such as deleting errors, format errors, virus infections, partition damages, and software breakdowns), and the hardware breakdown such as shaking, impacting, circuit damage, magnetic head damage, mechanical breakdown can lead to failure of normal data reading. Our professional service can realize restoration of all /partial data on the storage devices, which can be all types of hard disks, portable disks, SSDs, USBs, flash memory, CD, and tape.

Data restoration is realized through data reading reorganizing by special device before it is handed over to the client. No matter how data has been mistakenly deleted or hard disc has failed to start, we can restore the data if there is no damage on the storage device.

Service Scope
1.Logic breakdown: delete errors, disk partition errors, clone errors, partition table information loss, boot sector information loss, virus damage, hack attack etc.
2.Hardware breakdown: BOIS error reading disk, hardware damages, hard disc abnormal noise, mechanical breakdowns, magnetic head burn-out, magnetic head aging, magnetic head deviation, magnetic resistance deformation, circuit board burn-out, exterior circuit chip breakdown, interface…. breakdown etc.
3.RAID breakdown, system refusal to start, RAID information damage, RAID information loss, hard disc (monolithic or multiple) off-line, RAID card damage, system breakdown after alternation, partition table information loss, partition information loss, RAID data restoration and recombination.
4.Flash memory restoration: USB data restoration, SSD hard disc restoration;
5.Database restoration: Access,Foxpro,SQL SERVER,ORACLE,MYSQL,DB2、Informix,Sybase
6.File Restoration: restoration for all types of damaged files
7.Email Restoration: apply to Foxmail, Outlook Express, Exchange Server, Lotus Notes and Email data recovery and repair



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