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Structure, normally interpreted as highest level planning which will not subject to changes. It points out a direction for the future development. Based upon this point, we can provide operation information system structure design for the software that is used for operation support, and we are able to satisfy the non-functional and operational requirements on design targets and solutions. Apart from the requirements on current system functions, our consultancy services on structures can also help you with structure performance in terms of usability, flexibility, expansibility and safety issues.
Except current system, we will help you with using cloud computing resources sensibly to reduce total cost of ownership and shortening the breakdown time, thus satisfy the quick online use. You are welcome to contact us for any IT issues.

Our services include but not limited to:
 Mini-automation Design: Simplify routine work and improve efficiency
 Typical Cases:
  Operation data analysis and report system
  Enterprise Internal data search engine
  File Automatic formulation and submission
 Large system design: Realize IT system that can be used by thousands of people online at the same time
 Typical cases:
  Ticket office management system for large event
 Cloud service: OA, ERP and large-sized or medium-sized Web Service
 Database optimization: we help you to search database platform and
 Disaster recovery: solution for disaster recovery, including data backup / archiving and recovery.
 Network optimization:
 Accelerating multi-national Internet transmission between different areas or countries.
 Office network set-up and maintenance in all offices located in different areas and or cities.


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