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Options for Company Website
Company Website – applied to demonstrate company image, new products and company culture
Information Issuing- applied to issue large amount information, and continuous tracking
E-commerce website- applied to online payment transaction and financial settlement.
SNS, BBS – applied to social networking and interaction.
Mobile phone Website- customize websites that can be browsed from mobile phone

Free Consultation and Pre-Planning
We are keen to provide detailed analysis on client’s requirements on web design and application software development, and we will have overall planning for website as per clients’ requirements at each stage. Based upon this, free quotes are always available at your requests.

Website Creative Design
The key to website design is to satisfy clients’ aesthetic preference, using habit and quick access to information. Therefore, we will base on our clients’ needs to think, plan and execute the project and provide professional suggestions.
D&IT Web Design Vision: Provide excellent service to our clients!

Network development and on-line operation
Development of web information management and appliance software combines four steps:
Task analysis + design development + test training + system on
D&IT has experienced network system team. We provide systematic information platform which is based upon Web social networking, e-commerce network, and online information platform.
 Our Techniques to be used for development are:
  Microsoft platform/ Linus Platform / PHP / Asp /J2EE
  MS SQL Server / MySQL / Access

Free Network Maintenance Service
For clients who have signed agreement with us, we provide one-year supervision and maintenance for website operation free of charge, thus ensuring the safe and smooth operation.
 These services include:
  Supervision on flow data on website
  Supervision on domain name and cyberspace operation
  Internet system regular inspection and operation maintenance
  Internet system attack -resistance and maintenance


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